Settembre 21, 2021

 “TESEO – Uscita dal Labirinto/Exit from the Labyrinth”, multiplier event of the Erasmus+ project “TESEO – Arianna’s Strands in the Digital Age”, will take place on 23 September 2021 (9.30-12.30) in presence at Sala Girolamo Bottiglieri (Province of Salerno, Salerno, Italy) and at the same time virtually on[…]

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Luglio 15, 2021
Learning, Teaching, Training Activity 15-16 July

SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education will virtually host the third Learning Teaching Training Activity of the project “TESEO – Arianna’s Strands in the Digital Age”, financed by the European Commission in the framework of the ERASMUS+ Programme, and led by the Center for Studies “Media Culture Society”[…]

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Giugno 22, 2021
Learning, Teaching, Training Activity 23-25 June 2021

On 23-25 June 2021, the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce will virtually host the second Learning, Teaching, Training Activity of the project “TESEO – Arianna’s Strands in the Digital Age”, financed by the European Commission in the framework of the ERASMUS+ Programme. In the contemporary digital era, for innovation in[…]

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Aprile 26, 2021
Learning, Teaching and Training Activity 27-29 April 2021

Topics such as innovation, digital communication and online presence keep on gaining in importance: 2020 has also made it more evident how important it is – for companies as well as universities and schools – to know and be able to use the “new media”. Precisely for this[…]

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Gennaio 15, 2021

We’re glad to announce that our first newsletter is online. Even if a crisis on global scale has revolutionized the way we work and prevented us from meeting in person, we are continuing to work hard to achieve our goals. This newsletter gives the opportunity to know briefly[…]

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Dicembre 11, 2020
Pitch “Divenire sempre (reloaded)”

At Università Cattolica di Milano, within the pitch “Divenire sempre (reloaded)” (20th-21st February 2020), organized by PIC-AIS (Cultural processes and Institutions, a section of the Italian Association of Sociology), we presented our project, with a focus on one of our output: the master. On this occasion there was[…]

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Novembre 12, 2020
The kick-off meeting

With the kick-off meeting (12th-13th November 2019, at the University of Salerno), “TESEO – Arianna’s strands in the digital age” officially started. We met each other, exchanged our opinions and planned the first activities, between moments of reflection and moments of conviviality.

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Novembre 11, 2020
INDIRE presentation meeting

Agenzia Nazionale INDIRE organized in Rome, on 15th October 2019, a presentation meeting with all the winners of ERASMUS+ projects selected in Italy in 2019. Here is our poster, presented in this occasion. It was a beautiful day of cultural exchange. This meeting marked the start on the[…]

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