University of Salerno carries out quality research and training activities, in order to create, enrich and, at the same time, make available the developed scientific and cultural heritage through studies and research at the service of students, businesses, institutions and, more generally, of the entire community through a continuous and fruitful comparison with stakeholders and in collaboration with public and private bodies and institutions.


The project is included in the activities of Centro Studi “Media Culture Società (Department of Political and Social Studies – DISPS) founded in March 2015, on the proposal of professor Luigi Frezza. The Study Center has the aim of developing research activities, cultural and scientific initiatives and new forms of experimental teaching on the broad framework of digital communication practices in the twentieth century and in the contemporary era.


Its purposes are:

  • to develop theoretical and applicative knowledge on the relationships between media, cultures and society in the digital age, with particular attention to research on innovation in digital network media, also to implement traditional media knowledge and practices in new digital media in original ways;
  • to weave partnership and collaboration relationships between universities and companies to promote synergies in terms of research and innovation in integrated communication products and the development of new interactive and multimedia knowledge frameworks;
  • to extend the area of ​​collaboration on a national and international level with research institutes and universities in the field of media research and the deep connection between media uses and contemporary society.