The Italian-German Chamber of Commerce is a German non-profit association formed by industrial and commercial companies, professionals and traders who wish to actively work to develop economic relations in Europe, in particular between Italy and Germany. Active for over 90 years in the territory, ITALCAM is also officially recognized by the Italian government as a strategic actor for support in bilateral cooperation and for assistance to entrepreneurs. The Chamber promotes and supports the various phases of the internationalization process, providing commercial assistance to German and Italian companies through its large international networks. The aim is to develop initiatives to share experiences and good practices between Italian and German companies, local and public authorities.

Fields of action:

  • Sustainable business development;
  • Tourism and culture;
  • Traditional Agrifood products;
  • Craft products and manufacturing activities;
  • Logistics and transport;
  • Mechanics and machinery.

In addition, the Chamber develops services and projects focused on supporting SMEs, as main contractor or partner, acting as a facilitator for the acquisition of new businesses in the market and promoter of already consolidated economic relations between Italy and Germany and in general enhance the culture of entrepreneurship.

The Chamber also plays an essential role in facilitating connections between universities, companies, schools and the local area and to encourage integration between market needs and offerings. ITALCAM seeks to act as a social mediator to promote the development of useful skills and their dissemination not only for SMEs and entrepreneurs interested in opening their business in Italy or Germany, but also for students and young people looking for work. Through its numerous events and workshops, in fact, the audience reached by ITALCAM is large and the pool of contacts matured over the years constitute a useful measure for understanding the needs of the territory.

The following ideas are suggested to test new approaches and develop existing good practices:

– Involvement of students and universities during multiplier events and organized workshops;

– Address them as targets during communication and dissemination activities;

– Promote their active involvement and feedback through social contexts that aim to understand their expectations from the university and to develop learning activities that deal with digital media and marketing.

The Italian-German Chamber of Commerce works with SMEs, universities, Italian and German experts and consultants, research centers and local authorities.