SYNTHESIS Center for Research and Education is an organization that works on the realization of projects with a positive social impact (in particular in the sectors of employment, entrepreneurship, integration of migrants and social inclusion).

SYNTHESIS is one of the leading institutions in the country in the fields of social entrepreneurship, social innovation and sustainable development. It founded and manages “Hub Nicosia”, an educational center and community of organizations with cultural, environmental and social purposes. SYNTHESIS is an accredited professional education institution. It provides training courses and develops educational materials related to social entrepreneurship, sustainable development and peace education, including human rights and conflict resolution, responsible production and consumption and on sustainable cities and communities. SYNTHESIS focuses on developing training programs that can improve the employability of people who live or are at risk of social exclusion.

SYNTHESIS operates an exclusive unit on school education which is working closely with schools, the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute and the Cyprus University of Technology for the development of basic and entrepreneurial skills, as well as on the implementation of programs for prevention of violence, bullying and discrimination.

SYNTHESIS has a recognized experience in research, politics and evaluation, as it provides services to the European Commission, to governmental, non-governmental and private institutions.

Its research interests mainly concern social innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, design thinking, cultural heritage, inclusive education and technology-based learning.

SYNTHESIS partners include schools, teacher training institutions, education and local authorities, universities, NGOs, migrant associations, chambers of commerce and European networks. SYNTHESIS has a long expertise in projects on topics related to audiovisual literature and digital skills, the development of new training curricula and their impact on the labor market. It collaborated with European partners in the development and implementation of projects of educational and social value.